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Betty 'Betts' Burk Hertzler - 1925-2019  

Betts' Vets was inspired by Betty's dedication to our U.S. Service Members.  During WWII, Betty's brothers, Keith and Max, served as pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps.  Sadly, Max was killed in action. In addition to her brothers, Betty corresponded with numerous service members stationed all over the world, offering them support and encouragement through her letters.  The grateful servicemen responded in kind with letters and mementos from across the globe.  


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

-- Charles Dickens

Betts' Vets was established as an organization that provides opportunities for U.S. Military Veterans to find renewed purpose and ease the trauma of war/conflict by continuing to serve through humanitarian efforts helping rebuild war-torn and poverty-stricken communities around the globe.


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Janie Williams - Co Founder 

Executive Director

Betty's daughter, Janie, has been traveling to the Guatemalan Highlands with Pura Vida Ministries, Inc. since 2012.  Currently serving on Pura Vida's Board of Directors, Janie leads teams to Guatemala on construction trips and English camps.  She has witnessed first hand how powerful this experience can be for  Veterans as they work together with local community members helping rebuild their communities.  

Guadalupe Martinez - Co Founder 

Executive Vice President

Guadalupe brings years of leadership experience and logistics knowledge to Bett’s Vets. Having served over twenty years in the U.S. Army, Guadalupe has a focus on problem solving and mission completion. Like most veterans, he realizes that veterans thrive on camaraderie and purpose. These two things are often missing in civilian life. Guadalupe enjoys the chance to help return this to other veterans through Bett’s Vets.  One of our team members had this to say: "While I’m not sure of the details of Lupe’s military service, I can say that the mission trip was transformative for him.  His skills were utilized in a very constructive and clearly positive manner." Betts' Vets is honored to have Guadalupe on board.  


Glenn J. Hertzler, III - Board of Directors

Betty's son, Glenn, is thrilled to join the board of an organization focused on military veterans and founded in memory of his mom.  Recently retired from a career in aviation, Glenn's background in business and experience in international mission trips brings complimentary knowledge and skill to our Board of Directors.  

Jacquelynn L. Kuhn - Board of Directors

With 6+ years as an MBA in Finance, Jacquelynn's experience and organizational skills will help bring Betts' Vets to the next level.  Currently employed in Tech Ops for Delta Airlines,  Jacquelynn participates in numerous community building programs from mentoring local students to building homes with Habitat for Humanity.  

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Jordan M. Kuhn - Board of Directors

We welcome Jordan Kuhn to our Betts’ Vets Board of Directors.  With a decades-long career in technical research and consulting, and extensive world travels, Jordan’s experience and general knowledge are among the finest.  We are blessed to have him join our team!

Our Mission
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The mission of Betts' Vets is two fold: 

  • To provide an opportunity for U.S. Military Veterans to find renewed purpose and ease the trauma of war/conflict by continuing to serve through humanitarian efforts to help rebuild war-torn and poverty-stricken communities around the globe.               

  • To bridge the gap between civilians and Veterans by serving as a catalyst for educating the civilian community on issues related to the health and well-being of Veterans.


2024 Guatemala Construction Trip February 8-17

2024 Guatemala Construction Trip June 7-16

2024 Guatemala Construction Trip July 4-13

Would you like to organize a trip in your community? 

Contact us here! 



Check out our recent Guatemala work trip in partnership with Gogebic Community College.

Upcoming Trips


Gogebic ComCollege-2018-113.jpg


  • Sponsor a Vet for one of our trips.

  • Volunteer to be a part of Betts' Vets, Inc.

  • Invite us to present to your organization.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does" -- William James


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Your donation will help us organize trips, sponsor veterans, and re-build homes and infrastructure for war torn communities across the globe. 

Donations can be sent to: 

Betts' Vets, Inc.

10 Westhill Dr. 

Newnan, GA 30265

Betts' Vets is a non-profit corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  



Thank you for contacting us! We look forward to serving with you!

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